About Us

In 1999, I set out to create a medium of gift giving for clients that was simple, but incredibly personal: gifts, promotional products, invitations and event branding that really express something about the sender and a story to unravel for the receiver. We do this by carefully selecting and designing each product with an eye for craftsmanship, an attention to small details, and that certain something special that makes each item not a mere novelty, but a personal discovery.

Our team is made up of experienced marketing professionals, graphic designers and some really creative people who think outside the box. We encourage you to use our resources to create the perfect gift or promotion. We work as a team both within Bovary & Butterfly and with our clients. While one person will be in charge of your account, all of us will have a working knowledge of your pending project and are able to assist you with any questions you may have.

We know how busy you are. Bovary & Butterfly is here to help you make your imprint. Take a look at our website, or, better yet, call us and make an appointment to visit our studio and meet us in person. Allow us to put our creative services to work for you.

Best Wishes,
Niloo Kia
Niloo Kia